Preventative Maintenance

Park Place Family Practice provides preventative healthcare services and consultation, encouraging patients to implement lifestyle changes whenever possible. We also offer thorough screening tests in office for several common cancers.

  • Medical Weight Loss and Obesity Treatment
  • Nutritional Assessments
  • Vitamin Deficiency Screening and Treatment
  • Smoking Cessation (Quit Smoking)
  • Cancer Screening, Diagnosis and Expedited Treatment if Necessary

Breast Cancer

We follow the Michigan Cancer Consortium guidelines for the early detection of breast cancer. Breast cancer screening exams include self-exams, clinical breast exams and mammography.

Cervical Cancer

We provide annual pelvic exams and pap smears to women for early detection and the prevention of cervical cancer.

Prostate Cancer

For prostate cancer prevention, we provide annual Digital Rectal Exams and Prostate Specific Antigen screening tests.

Lung Cancer

To screen for lung cancer, we offer annual chest x-rays for patients who smoke and chest x-rays every two years for non-smoker patients.

Colorectal Cancer

We offer in-office colorectal cancer screening services, including fecal occult blood testing in which patients send us stool sample smears and we test for blood. In the case of positive results, we perform colonoscopies as necessary.

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W, F: 9:00 AM — 3:00 PM

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